3 Customer Experience Trends You should know about in 2022

People all over the world are more and more connected, and thanks to the IoT (Internet of things), even objects are increasingly linked and smart. These developments are also extending to product offerings, which is why customer experience is ever-evolving and generating new trends. Here are the top 3 you can expect in the upcoming year:

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1. Smarter products and services

The smartwatch is on everyone’s lips now, but objects from all areas of life, are smartly evolving. In addition to unmanned robotic supermarkets, even refrigerators are becoming smarter and more innovative, reminding us of missing products, pointing out food expiry dates and proactively creating shopping lists.

2. Automation in customer service

Technical standards rose especially in the last year, KFC even launched a voice recognition at the drive in, so that the order can be processed by machine and without a person. Siri could also guide us through downtown for Christmas shopping, pointing out where to find which gifts. Everything is aimed at ensuring that tasks can be handled by a machine to improve the user experience.

3. Hybrid experiences

Shopping experiences are becoming not only more digital but also digitally experiential. Thanks to VR and AR (virtual and augmented reality), rooms can be furnished with furniture you don’t even own, makeup can be tested virtually before buying, and everyday shopping becomes an exciting sci-fi experience in smart stores like TYPY.

The trends in user experience are constantly evolving, these are just the TOP 3, but next year we will probably experience them first hand.